Although there has been little news about the progress of the draft plan for some time, the Steering Group has been quietly working away and the draft has now moved to the next stage in the process.

Comments on the the pre-submission consultation documents have been received including from local people and statutory consultees. This included feedback provided
at the two “drop in” events held in October 2019.

While some minor changes have been made to the draft text, no changes have been made to the main policies in the draft plan.

We are currently collating all the supporting documents to create a professional-looking final document. Soon, this will be submitted to Cornwall Council to confirm whether all the legal requirements have been met. Once that hurdle has been cleared, the remainder of the process becomes their responsibility, and a further consultation period will commence.

Cornwall Council must then publicise the details of the plan proposal, saying where and when the plan can be inspected, giving details of how to make any representations and the date that they must be received. After that, the draft plan together with any representations are submitted to an Independent Examiner.

If everything progresses well, the draft plan will eventually proceed to a referendum of the local electorate, asking whether or not they support the plan. However, that process is probably going to be still several months away!! But the end of the process is in sight.

March 2020. Plan being prepared for submission